Candidate Tip List

At DSML Executive Search, we thrive to be a PARTNER; therefore, we would like to take the opportunity of our first interaction to provide a few tips that will help during the process.

How Executive Search works

We are paid by our client, the company, to help them find the best fit possible for a specific role. That is why we reached out to you, as your profile caught our attention. Our process may be longer and with more steps than other recruiters you have been exposed to because we want to make sure you are a good fit for our client, not only in terms of experience and technical skills but also in terms of cultural fit.

We also want to make sure that if you are offered the position at the end of the selection process, it will be a good career move for you and you will be happy with your new job!

  • Share as much information as possible with us early on regarding your expectations (salary, benefits, time off, other). We place a lot of value in respecting your confidentiality and privacy.
  • Inform us about other potential offers you may receive or are receiving during the process: we   know you have talent, since we have contacted you and we understand that your talent may be in demand, we just don’t like surprises.
  • Stay in touch with us: sometimes, candidates “disappear” or fail to communicate promptly with us during the process. Again, it is essential for us to keep in touch and we would like to be the first people you call if you have concerns, doubts or decide it is not a good opportunity for you.
  • Be transparent about details early in the process: you may not have graduated from the University mentioned on your resume or you may have a non-compete that could limit some of your options: Since our process is thorough and includes references checking, educational and criminal background checks, we encourage you to be transparent so we don’t waste anyone’s time.
  • Be prepared to handle a possible counter offer. If you end up being offered the position with our client and decide to resign from you current job, you might receive a counter offer. We can help you discuss the pros and cons to help you handle this type of situation. Read our thoughts on this topic: The Dangerous Allure of Counter Offers

We want you to become a success story: WORK WITH US!

DSML is a member of the CFR Global Executive Search Network, serving customers in offices worldwide.