About Us

DSML Executive Search is a US-based retained executive search firm with offices in Chicago and Boston, recruiting for European and Canadian companies doing business in the US. Our multi-cultural team knows how challenging it can be to find the right talent, especially when there are cultural differences within organizations … including values, vision, norms, habits, and beliefs.

Since our creation in 2007, we have developed a unique expertise with the following type of executive searches:

  • Confidential executive searches to replace a poor performing executive
  • Search to replace an executive after an acquisition made in the US by our clients
  • Searches for the first employee(s) in the US for our European or Canadian clients
  • Domestic searches from Director to C-level executives through DSML Search

The organizational culture affects the way that people interact with each other, with clients, and with stakeholders and ultimately impacts the success of the organization. We are especially good at finding talent in the areas of General Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Operational Management.

Hiring in the US Market poses challenges for both European and Canadian Companies and the Candidates

At DSML Executive Search, we are also consulted to search for the first employee of the US subsidiary of European and Canadian companies. It can seem a daunting challenge. Our clients are typically looking to get the right person for their first “VP of US” or “US Sales Director” role. This is a critical role that can make or break a US market entry strategy so expectations are high.

We also know how challenging these roles can be for the candidates, not just the company. We help our candidates to fully understand everything that the role demands. With the needs of both client companies and candidates in mind, we build a partnership of talent and trust, devoted to delivering success in the US market.

Each year we are proud to share our latest Value Proposition and Key Metrics. Learn about DSML’s multi-lingual team covering Europe and explore the success by industry and executive role in the US.

Meet Our Team

Canadian American

HR and General Management experience in manufacturing, retail and services prior to recruiting executives

Doug Seville

Co-Founder & Director

French-American – Speaks French, English and Spanish

Marketing management experience prior to recruiting executives in Argentina then in the US

Myriam Le Cannellier

Co-Founder & Director

Speaks English, Dutch, French, German

Retail, Luxury Goods and Travel Industry background

Ricarda Osipow

Executive Recruiter

Speaks French, English and Russian

Nonprofit and Cross Cultural Communication background

Aurelia Chaudagne

Executive Search and Business Development Consultant

Speaks English, French and Portuguese

Legal and Nonprofit background

Mathilde Vital Durand

Executive Search and Business Development Consultant

Speaks English and French

Management Consultant background

Veronica Subers

Executive Search and Business Development Consultant

Speaks English and French

Business and Marketing Industry background

Amandine Minaud

Executive Recruiter

Recruiting is not one size fits all

DSML Executive Search believes in offering customized pricing models to fit each client's unique needs.

We have developed several options:

Executive Search for one selected and well-defined role

Several positions to be filled with room for flexibility

A menu of active sourcing solutions to support your HR team

What people are saying

  • review rating 5  I loved working with Amandine and the team at DSML. They were excellent in terms of information, timing and follow up. My experience was one where I felt very comfortable and supported in every step of the process. This was a superior experience . I would not hesitate to recommend DSML Executive Search.

    thumb Nick Obrien

    review rating 5  I had a very experience working with DSML Executive Search. Especially thankful for the hard work and dedication of Amandine Minaud. It was and will continue to be my pleasure to work with DSML Executive Search. When the opportunity arises to search for new talent my first call will be to Amandine.

    thumb Fernando Orozco

    review rating 5  Just as good as the power players. Highly professional, personable, sharp, and thorough. They are just good at what they do.

    thumb Sean Killian
  • review rating 5  I took over a business unit that the parent company wanted to close down. I retained DSML to find the right people to assist in growing the business in the US and Canada. Working with DSML was very productive and pleasant. We recruited the right persons and managed to grow even more than expected.

    thumb Phil Perut

    review rating 5  I`m very satisfied to have worked with DSML (Audra and Ricarda) on a recent job interview. They really took the time to understand my needs and my abilities and make sure I was a good match for the company and vice-versa. Audra went above and beyond keeping me updated of every step of the process.

    thumb Luciano de Oliveira

    review rating 5  Great Experience with DSML Executive Search.

    thumb Josh Ressler

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