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Does Location Matter Anymore in Executive Level Search Recruitment?

Executive search recruitment in cities like Boston and Chicago, like real estate, was once entirely dependent on location. However, in the wake of COVID-19 and the rise of remote work, the need for location-based recruitment has fallen dramatically in recent years.

Today, there is a noticeable difference between where companies recruiting for European subsidiaries in the USA believe their talent should be and what candidates believe is reasonable for their role. In the same way sales leaders have become flexible in terms of location, we now see executives in finance, HR, and marketing looking for roles with remote or hybrid work environments.

“Flexibility is one of the most powerful developments in the field of executive search,” says Myriam Le Cannellier, co-founder and director of DSML Executive Search. “While entry-level employees may require location-specific searches, the beauty of executive research recruitment is that it can span the boundaries of city, state, and country.”

This is extremely beneficial to European subsidiaries expanding to the United States — provided they work alongside a skilled agency that can help them navigate changing expectations.

The Impact of Your US Subsidiary Location on Executive Recruitment

Subsidiaries were once subject to the age-old rule of location, location, location. Choosing the wrong spot could result in disastrous hiring opportunities and a shallow pool of executive candidates.

But this is no longer the case for the vast majority of subsidiaries, regardless of their size or industry. Remote labor, hybrid roles, and telework can turn into opportunities by expanding the pool of potential candidates for a given role.

Today, companies recruiting for European subsidiaries expanding in the United States use hybrid roles to compensate for the competitive labor market. Due to the rise of remote work and the increase of candidate flexibility, decision-makers enjoy additional benefits such as:

  • Selecting more cost-effective service regions based on industry insights.
  • Harnessing the power of remote work to find top candidates for their posted role.
  • Expanding candidate sourcing beyond the immediate location of their headquarters.

Working alongside an executive search recruitment firm can help you make informed decisions along the way.

The Impact of Candidate Location on Executive Recruitment

The need for executive candidates has remained strong over the years — but the availabilities and propensities of candidates have changed dramatically in the past decade. Candidates are increasingly disinterested in relocation, and a large portion of them refuse to commit to longer commutes.

That’s not to say candidate location means everything, however. In a post-2020 hiring climate, some of the most sought-after talent at the executive level are available for remote, hybrid, or more flexible work schedules. American culture has increasingly embraced remote work as a critical component of the modern hiring mix.

The statistics are clear:

To summarize: location typically does not matter when hiring executive-level candidates in the US, except for operational leadership roles in manufacturing environments. Quality talent trumps general location so long as candidates meet and exceed your expectations.

Relying on Effective Executive Search Strategies to Develop the Right Sourcing Strategy for Your Location Requirements

The future of executive search recruitment is less location bound than ever before. As an executive search recruitment firm with offices in Chicago and Boston in the United States, DSML Executive Search is more than prepared for the shift.

DSML’s team of cross-cultural recruitment professionals work with dozens of European clients to find top talent wherever they live. Our practical and transparent methodology allows us to match potential candidates with job descriptions, enabling your organization to make clear and informed decisions.

Our executive search process always begins from the general location of your US subsidiary. From there, we conduct searches across the US to find the highest quality talent regardless of location. We recently conducted multiple searches in:

  • Alabama
  • Washington DC
  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • Los Angeles
  • Silicon Valley

DSML refuses to hunt for just any candidate — we align ourselves to your specific needs to curate the best and brightest the US has to offer. By balancing American execution with European DNA, we support today’s fastest growing industries in the attainment of hiring goals.

If you’re interested in sourcing US executive talent regardless of their location, contact the professionals at DSML Executive Search to discuss your options in detail. Our executive search and recruitment firm in Chicago and Boston can provide the groundwork needed to get you started.

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