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How to Effectively Source in Executive Search Recruitment to Find the Top Candidates

The ultimate goal of executive search recruitment is to find top talent to fill critical C-suite positions. However, sourcing said candidates requires a careful mix of art and science — especially when recruiting for European subsidiaries in the USA in cities like Chicago, Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.

“Sourcing in the executive search recruitment process is a lot like buying a house,” says Myriam Le Cannellier, Co-Founder and Director of DSML Executive Search. “You can tell me what you’re looking for and give a budget and location, but the ‘houses’ I show are dictated by the market.”

And in the American job market, competition is fierce.

Tighter labor markets have restricted talent pools and increased competition for growing businesses. Today’s top candidates only remain on the market for 10 days before finding a position, leaving 77% of international companies with lingering talent shortages.

However, sourcing great candidates during the executive search process doesn’t have to be an impossible task. “You just have to choose from what’s on the market while making your decisions, and you may have to change your criteria a bit based on location, industry, and salary range,” Myriam says.

Let’s take a closer look at what your organization can do to attract top talent to your European subsidiary.

Tips for Finding the Ideal Talent

American job candidates are extremely discerning about their employers and potential positions. If you’re interested in competing for the top 10% of the market, you need to position your brand with best practices in mind.

These include:

Writing an excellent job description

The lack of a job description can be a red flag to executive search recruitment candidates in the United States. Many of them expect to read a full description of your role, complete with any expected qualifications and anticipated responsibilities. Always present your company first and ‘sell’ yourself to candidates, letting your job description explain why they should consider joining your company. Apart from speaking about what the company does, be sure to address its mission, culture, and vision.

Understanding industry experience is not everything

When recruiting for European companies in the USA, it is important to not just rely on industry experience. Although some firms may translate experience as a silver bullet for success, others recognize that soft skills play a far more important role. Top applicants should exhibit excellent social skills and teamwork, as well as cross-cultural competence and a willingness to learn. Strong, competent leadership, for example, is essential to avoid the ‘quiet quitting’ of lower level staff. Be sure to adjust your search parameters to include a diverse set of candidates. You might find a candidate who performed well in their role — even if they didn’t initially check all the boxes.

Remembering candidates are not products

You cannot build the perfect candidate, and finding the ‘perfect’ employee is not always possible. Consider, for example, our real estate allegory from earlier. Candidates cannot be manufactured — only found. If you strive to hire with a people-first mentality, you no doubt will maintain a proactive rather than reactive hiring process.

Keep in mind that the biggest assets of your European subsidiary are the people you choose to hire. Investing in a sustainable sourcing process with best practices in mind is critical to achieving results — which is why companies all over Europe retain the services of DSML Executive Search.

How DSML Executive Search Recruits Top Candidates

Sourcing top candidates for your European subsidiaries in the USA can be difficult in the US job market. However, the professionals at DSML Executive Search command the time, talent, and resources to assist your brand from beginning to end. Our team has performed executive and C-level recruitment in dozens of modern industries, from manufacturing and life sciences to SaaS, packaging, and more.

Our process in recruiting for European companies in the US follows a demonstrated pattern:

  • We work alongside your firm from a cross-cultural perspective to connect specific hiring goals to the evolving American workforce.
  • We remain in constant contact with you via communication software designed to eliminate friction from the hiring process.
  • We deliver excellent value in finding various candidates from different industries that fit your needs based on robust job descriptions.
  • We raise challenges early on in the executive recruitment process and collaborate with you to address them sustainably.

The ultimate goal of DSML Executive Search is to manage the sourcing process on your behalf. Tapping into our wide network of candidates throughout the United States, we can confidently combine strategy with experience to create a sourcing pipeline with lasting equity for your brand.

You can learn more about the DSML executive recruitment process by contacting us online or by calling (312) 268-6166 today. We look forward to discussing our recruitment process for European companies in the USA.

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