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Celebrating a C-Level Search for a European-owned US Subsidiary

DSML Executive Search recently completed a confidential search for the President of the US subsidiary of a European medical device manufacturer. We really felt energized by the feedback received from our client as it constitutes an excellent summary of the value our firm typically brings to this type of confidential situation. Our client wrote: “I have been very impressed and extremely satisfied with their professional approach, transparency, process and system, the communication AND not the least the high quality of candidates presented”.

This feedback encapsulates the complexity of a successful executive search as it requires a mix of soft skills and a thorough process supported by adequate tools. In this particular case, our assignment was to fulfill a set of specific requirements that included a challenging location and an incentive package that was a bit peculiar. In other words, finding potential candidates was only a portion of the work and we really needed to sell the opportunity to each prospective C-level candidate.

C-Level Search

This type of C-level search for European based companies which operates in the US requires a unique combination of competences from the executive search firm:

  • The executive recruiter needs to be skilled at finding and reaching out to local high-level executives
  • That executive recruiter also must be able to relate to some of the subtle culturally different expectations of the client. In this example, Our European based client specializing in medical device acknowledged during the course of the search that it was essential to identify C-suite candidates with previous international exposure and multicultural sensitivity, in order for the future President to bridge the US subsidiary with the European Headquarters.
  • At DSML Executive Search, our multicultural and multilingual team can use dual lenses to evaluate candidates, as our consultants understand the US marketplace while having a European background.

Process and Fees

Overall, the process for this confidential Executive search took four months, between the inception of the search and the acceptance of our client’s offer by the selected candidate. In fact, it could have been even shorter, if not for the on-going pandemic that is disturbing people’s lives and in the case of this search, delayed some of the meetings.

Finally, and not the least, our client was very pleased with our fixed-cost pricing structure that resulted in a major saving compared with what the “Big 5” charge. Being a boutique Executive Search firm recruiting C-level Executives for the US subsidiaries of European companies, we are proud of our transparent no-hidden fee philosophy. Indeed, our client recommended DSML’s services to the Private Equity firm that provides them with financial backing.

As most companies need to adjust their business models to accommodate the new reality of our world under Covid19, we are well positioned to find and place high level executives in US Subsidiaries owned by Canadian or European companies.

If your company is seeking to recruit for a key position, such as CEO, COO, President, VP or other Senior level role, have a conversation with DSML Executive Search to ensure your search includes a “thorough” process and a “success based” strategy.

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