Executive Search

Why We Invest in Upgrading our Website

At DSML, our priority is providing the very best executive search work. In order to do this, we focus on nurturing our client relationships, growing our multi-cultural, multi-lingual team, and leveraging modern technologies. As such, we’re happy to share we’ve undergone a brand refresh, and as part of that, a website upgrade. Our goal was to create a website that could be a tool for European executives looking to conduct an executive search in the US.

We are constantly looking for ways to increase the quality of our process and with efficiency through emerging tools. Being the best means truly accounting for every step of our client’s journey. Earlier this year, we adopted Clockwork Recruiting into our processes, a system tailored to the recruiting industry that streamlines communication with clients by using an online portal. So while we employ a best-of-breed, cloud-based tool, Clockwork Recruiting, we know that the client journey begins well before that, often at our website. 

As an executive recruiting firm that straddles the globe and services in the US and countries throughout Europe, it was important to us to make our website as easy to use as possible. Often we’re working with high-level executives, who are seeking solutions and are short on time. First and foremost, we’ve streamlined the entire website for a more intuitive and functional user experience. We’ve highlighted must-know information on our homepage, along with more direct access to relevant resources including our blog. Our navigation has been simplified, allowing visitors to quickly and logically obtain the information they’re seeking. No more digging through six layers of navigation to find the right answers. Finally, because DSML is so uniquely positioned within the cross-cultural executive recruiting world, we do not need an overdesigned, complex website. Co-founder Myriam Le Cannellier is adamant about remaining singularly focused on our purpose of helping European companies succeed in the competitive US market through hiring talented executives and felt our new and improved site should be representative of that mission.

Additionally, to support all of our clients and reach more of our audiences in Europe in the most helpful way possible, we’ve developed content in a variety of languages and integrated it into our new website. Each of these resources reflects our ability to communicate with our clients in their native language.

We understand that within our niche, decision-makers are not always in the United States looking to hire a standard US-based firm: recruiting interculturally adds additional complexities. DSML Executive Search is an executive search firm that specializes in helping European companies find the managerial talent they need for their growth in the US, across the US.

As a modern recruiting firm, this website update is another way in which we reinforce our technology platform, support our processes, and ultimately produce high-quality hires for our clients as they expand into the US.

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