Confidential Executive Search

DSML Executive Search understands the challenges faced by clients who request a Confidential Search.  In a recent article it was noted that, ‘Executive Search firms dread the thought of a Confidential Executive Search’, because of the challenges that this type of search can present.

Honestly, dreading the execution of a Confidential Executive Search has never crossed our minds.  

DSML Executive Search has conducted numerous confidential searches over the years and, as long as a strict and proven Executive Search Process is adhered to, we’ve never experienced any difficulty.

Why would a client want DSML Executive Search to engage in a confidential search?  There are several possible reasons:

  • There will be an organizational change and the client does not want to create concern among their employees
  • There may be an employee next in line for a certain role and the company doesn’t feel that he/she is quite ready
  • There may be a need to replace someone who is deemed as non-performing, or not a fit with senior leadership
  • There could be an acquisition and subsequent reorganization and the client does not wish their customer base – or their competition – to be aware of management change during the process

The interesting thing about a Confidential Executive Search is the intrigue it creates within a candidate’s mind.  People always want to find out “what’s behind the red door” and are willing to engage with you to find out more.  Of course, we can’t always let the “cat out of the bag” during the initial conversation.  We can, however, discuss the role, the challenges, and the growth objectives of the client and request that the candidate sign a non-disclosure agreement, (NDA), before revealing the client name and location.  The non-disclosure agreement also serves to assure the candidate that the search is not being handled on a contingency basis and, thus, they can anticipate a different kind of qualification process from us.  In addition, also unlike most contingency firms, candidates can expect detailed information regarding the Search Specification, that we create with the client, and thorough professional communication throughout the entire process … even if they don’t become a finalist nobody is ever ghosted by DSML Executive Search !!

There is always a need for both us and the client to totally adhere to the Executive Search Process.  A confidential search needs to be managed properly and little things, like writing a description of the company versus a copy paste from the website, can’t be overlooked.  Handled properly, a confidential search can be an enjoyable experience.

We have handled numerous confidential CEO Executive Searches, VP Executive Searches, etc., and “dreading the execution of a such an engagement has never crossed our minds” .

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