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A Cross-Cultural Approach To Executive Search

The ultimate goal of any executive recruiting process is to fill open positions with the best possible talent. To accomplish this, many US recruitment firms specialize in a select number of industries, or serve specific functions or even have limited geographic scope.

The US market is so large that this approach makes sense. However, for European companies designing a US market entry strategy, it’s often not enough to bridge the gap between countries, cultures, and C-suite careers. The critical element of connection is missing from these practices — which is where DSML comes into play.

DSML believes that executive search for European headquartered clients should be both multifaceted and multinational. That’s why we developed a unique recruitment process that finds executives for European-owned American subsidiaries throughout the US; beginning with a very unique business model.

Our execution is American — we are committed to finding the perfect match by using our market experience and maintaining dogged attention to detail. However, our DNA is European — our team is composed of skilled, multilingual professionals with years of experience in the bi-cultural recruitment niche.

An Executive Search Firm with an American Execution

DSML is composed of multilingual recruitment experts who understand the intricacies between American career expectations and European business culture. Bridging the gap with decades of combined experience, we provide a seamless executive search process to become one of your organization’s biggest advocates.

We reflect this in our team composition. Ricarda Osipow, a German native who grew up in Belgium, has more than 10 years of experience performing executive searches in the US. Dana Sutan, a Romanian native, worked in France before moving to the US. Daphne Francois, a French native, has extensive HR experience and worked in India before moving to the US. Finally, Amandine Minaud is a French native with more than 10 years of working experience in the US.

Our American execution of executive search in Boston and Chicago is multifaceted:

We are an integrated team. We understand the atmosphere surrounding American executive searches and keep our finger on the pulse of changing zeitgeists.

We understand American culture. We help our European clients understand factors that might get lost in translation, including job descriptions, benefits, best practices, qualifications, and more.

We foster diversity by sourcing candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, skill sets, and education levels. We assimilate ourselves with your business to find the perfect hire.

From our manifold approach to our practical methodology, DSML has a proven track record of success in performing executive searches for European subsidiaries.

Our European DNA is an Asset to Executive Search Recruitment

DSML is a cross-cultural business with a deep understanding of your organization and its cultural background. All of our team members have European origins and an innate sense of international culture, providing us with a keen sense of executive qualifications as your subsidiary expands to the United States.

Our team members set us apart in many ways. Myriam Le Cannellier, our co-founder, maintains strong ties with the French American Chamber of Commerce to foster continuous business growth. She recently visited Le Mondial Des CCE 2022 to advance business growth and encourage long-term networking.

Other employees support the DSML business development mission. Veronica Subers, Business Development at DSML, asks pointed questions about European business and engages in candidate sourcing. Aurelia Chaudagne, Executive Search & Business Development Consultant, networks with organizations in Europe and attends events that cater to French companies expanding into the United States.

DSML’s European DNA can be seen from many angles:

  • We are cross-cultural between Europe and the US. We speak your language and the language of your business and know how to translate both of these to foster maximum results.
  • We are niche. This allows us to attract local executive talent with both experience and exposure to Europe
  • We are well-connected. We make it easy to perform executive recruitment for European subsidiaries in the USA by staying abreast of industry changes and visiting events and seminars.

With our drive for innovation and hand-crafted European-American team, DSML stands apart from every other executive search firm in Chicago and Boston.

Our Commitment to Excellence as an Executive Search Firm in Chicago and Boston

DSML is a leading force in executive search for European subsidies expanding to the US. We are proud to maintain a strong European background and deeply rooted DNA, as well as a solid understanding of US business culture and its changing expectations. We are multinational in our construction and cross-cultural by design, and proudly perform executive searches that span several industries.

If you’re interested in recruiting an American executive for your European business, DSML may be a perfect fit. Our executive search and recruitment firm in Chicago and Boston can attend to your needs at any time. Contact us today to learn more.

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