DSML Executive Search Recruitment Client Experience

DSML Executive Search conducted a search for STACI in the US in the Fall of 2021. Staci has been a leader in niche logistics throughout Europe for over 35 years. And now they have brought their industry-leading tools and analytics to the United States.

Staci is helping supply chain executives overcome disruptive industry challenges to meet rising consumer demands. Their expertise in key industry verticals includes dedicated contract logistics to warehouse and distribution management, transportation management, supply chain re-engineering, and other value-added services, including e-commerce, order fulfillment, packaging, kitting, and light assembly, through a strategic network of multiclient and mutualized facilities.

DSML Executive Search was retained to look for a Managing Director for the US subsidiary, following the opening of Staci’s first warehouse in the US in Jersey City, NJ.

The DSML Executive Search firms Boston and Chicago’s teams really enjoyed working with Nicolas Morisse, president at Staci US corp. Myriam Le Cannellier had the opportunity to follow up with Nicolas Morisse and asked him about his experience.

Staci’s Executive Search Recruitment Experience with DSML

Myriam: How would you summarize your experience working with our firm?

Nicolas: It was a success. DSML Executive Search team really understood what we were looking for and they were able to introduce excellent candidates in a short period of time.

Myriam: Did you feel you were presented with enough candidates?

Nicolas: Yes. What was important for us was to find the right person quickly. The candidates presented were of great quality, so we did not need to have too many. We also knew the US market is hot and that we needed to move fast.

Myriam: thank you for saying that! This was one of the reasons it was a pleasure working with you. You were very reactive and provided feedback fast. This is essential when looking for talent in the US. Do you have any comments regarding our process?

Nicolas: The process was clear and smooth. I could see the entire team was committed and whenever I would communicate with you, one of the team members, Ricarda or Amandine, would quickly answer and follow up. When we had additional questions, you were able to assist us efficiently.

Myriam: Again, thank you. I can tell you that your transparent and clear communication was instrumental in a successful outcome. When clients know what they want, express it clearly and demonstrate a certain level of flexibility when presented with options, this is a good recipe for success. Is there anything you want to add?

Nicolas: The person we recruited has been with us for a few months and the impact of this hire is already clearly seen: our clients are happy; our teams are engaged and well organized. This is very positive.

Myriam: As we stay in touch with the candidate, we can confirm the feeling is mutual! Thank you, Nicolas, for this feedback, and for recommending us to others!

This testimonial is very valuable because it emphasizes best practices for recruiting for European subsidiaries in the USA. Another key element that was not discussed above is the alignment of compensation with the market. Staci group was aware of the level of salaries in the US and provided a compensation range that was very appropriate, allowing us to identify a pool of diverse candidates.

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