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The Food and Beverage industry is a very diverse sector where European based companies offer premium, niche products and innovative packaged goods. DSML Executive Search has worked in the wine industry, a unique market in terms of distribution, as well as the pet food and animal nutrition market. We have acquired experience with a very diverse range of clients who access the market via different channels from traditional retail to online and distributors.

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We have successfully recruited professionals in roles such as:

  • General Manager

  • National/Regional Sales Director

  • VP Sales

  • Marketing Director

  • Plant Manager

  • Key Account Director

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In this industry, the cultural differences between the US and our European and Canadian clients can be more difficult to overcome than in other industries. This is where, at DSML Executive Search, our multicultural team comes into play: we can anticipate the challenges for both our clients and the candidates and help bridge the gap, building on our cumulative experience with companies from various European countries as well as Canada.

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