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Music Secrets For Your Business

DSML Executive Search has developed strong relationships with quality International Executive Search firms throughout the world. Our good friend and colleague in Mexico, Jorge Segovia, (Director of Lycans Group), is no exception. Over the years we have known Jorge to be a foremost executive search partner as well as a huge fan of diverse cultural and artistic experiences, including the appreciation and enjoyment of Classical Music. Last fall Jorge and his team hosted the annual CFR Global Executive Search conference in Mexico City where he invited artists from Arte Cubico to lead us in a workshop entitled Music Secrets for Your Business. (Arte Cúbico ~ Cubic Art ~ founded by Adolfo and Edith Ruiz, is a community of artists and professional musicians who have a passion for teaching music to transform lives).

This engaging workshop assisted the executive search participants in recognizing the importance of “leadership” to a well-functioning team of musicians and how that relates to the corporate governance of our clients.

Several classical artists joined Adolfo in the workshop to demonstrate how important the conductor is to an orchestra. As an example, one piece of music, with vocal accompaniment, was played twice during the session. The first version was played without any inflection or direction from the conductor. The musicians were, of course, well versed in this piece of music and, to an untrained ear, it sounded great. The second version, however, immediately stood out as the conductor suggested expression, phrasing, tempo, volume, and other subtleties that impacted the entire musical experience.

The comparison to the business community was quite evident. In an orchestra/business often one section often cannot hear/(is not aware of) what another section is doing. Without good direction, each team member could easily resort to his/her own individual interpretation/opinion. Direction creates unity; however, it is possible for a director to interfere too much leading to a disjointed, and somewhat frustrated effort. Good leadership provides balance for exceptional team performance.

The Key takeaways of this workshop were:

  • A conductor/leader is visible to every member of the team
  • It is necessary to recruit the very best players
  • In a team “everyone” must make a sound and yet also understand the importance of silence
  • A director must allow adaptability for occasional solos
  • A leader must remind everyone to look forward and not backwards
  • Eternal study (practice) is required for perfection
  • A leader must iron out internal tensions no matter how subtle they may be
  • A leader must provide outstanding enthusiasm especially in moments of difficulty
  • A strong leader is indispensable for group performance
  • A leader shares the spotlight

Strong leadership permits the exploration of new directions for your business. Is the current leadership in your U.S. subsidiary strong enough to move at the same tempo as the rest of the organization? Is it time to engage in a confidential search to replace the current leadership?

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