Technology, IoT & SaaS Industries

Most of our clients in the Technology, Internet of Things (IOT) and Software as a Service (SaaS) industries are startups or emerging leaders from Europe. Some of them are more B2C, bringing innovative products to the field of digital health, wellness or smart home. Others are B2B, generally operating on sophisticated niches.

As it is of public knowledge, the war for talent requires a solid recruitment process to save time and ensure a positive outcome. In this very competitive sector, we not only work with our European clients to identify and attract the executive candidates they are looking for but we also help them understand and adjust to the specifics of the US market.

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We have successfully recruited professionals in roles such as:

  • CEO

  • CFO/Finance Director/Controller

  • Sales Director

  • National/Regional Sales Director

  • General Manager

  • VP Sales

Looking to hire in the Technology, IoT and SaaS industries?

At DSML Executive Search, we are fast learners and our team is quickly able to embrace a new client’s technology driven niche. Because of the diversified range of clients we have worked for, we are able to make connections between different markets and come up with forward thinking solutions to address the requirements of each executive search.

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