A Second Set of Eyes

At DSML Executive Search, we “never” send out a search proposal without having it reviewed by another team member.  And we also “never” decide to present a candidate to a client without being interviewed by at least two consultant team members.

In the first instance, it’s startling how many times a small error might be made on a proposal.  Our proposals are customized according to each client’s requirements and even little things, such as a wrong date, wrong city, etc. can easily be overlooked.  A second set of eyes are always called to action.  We NEVER deviate on this procedure.

And, in the case of candidates, we never stray from our practice of having two sets, in this case, of ears, to assist in the “fit” evaluation.  It’s not a matter of “doubt”, it’s a matter of “process” as we determined a long time ago that, even though it may be twice as much work to conduct a second or third interview with a candidate, it’s a DSML “best practice”.

In 1906, Francis Galton, a renowned psychometrician of the time, conducted an experiment where he invited a large crowd of villagers to correctly guess the weight of Ox.  Surprisingly, “the middlemost estimate expresses the vox populi, with every other estimate viewed as too low or too high by the majority, and the resulting guessed weight was exactly the same as the measured by the judges.

Well, no, we don’t employ a crowd of villagers to interview candidates … however by having two, and sometimes three, reviewers the more confident we are in having the best candidates to present to our clients.

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