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“You Really Know Your Client’s Business Well”

“You Really Know Your Client’s Business Well.”

Our team, at DSML Executive Search, consistently receives praise from candidates who are surprised that we know our client’s business so well, including their objectives for continued growth in the US.  This is a major differentiator between DSML Executive Search and the vast majority of our competitors.

Fully engaging with our clients, learning about their business, their products and services, and their current challenges is an integral part of our search process.  We know that candidates will be asking questions and having answers at hand helps us to fully engage with them as well.  As a result, we find that we very seldom experience candidate ghosting, which is another phenomenon plaguing the less thorough recruitment firms.

We acquire information about our clients through several stages.  The first learning stage is during our initial pre-proposal conversation.  This is where we determine if there is a fit factor between our prospects expectations and our ability to commit to a successful delivery.  Upon reaching an agreement with our proposal, the next, and crucial learning stage is during our “client intake” meeting, where our team is invited to ask as many questions about the search as possible.  Over the years we have found this important meeting to be the key element to a successful search.

Some typical questions:

  • What is the history of our client’s business?
  • What products/services are they selling in the US?
  • What geographical markets are they in?
  • Does the client have a business plan for the next five years?
  • What does the competition look like?
  • Who are the main decision makers for the business?
  • Who will be a part of the interview process and who will be the decision makers?
  • What type of candidate profiles is the client seeking for the search?
  • What other criteria, such as compensation, amount of travel, industry experience, education level, etc. should be under consideration for the search?
  • What are the best methods to communicate with the client?
  • Is the client receptive to using our online portal, in which we present screened candidates’ profiles in real time?

50 Things You Should Know About Your Clients

There are, of course, many, many other questions to ask both new and existing clients.  This list, recently received through the MOZ Blog, is a thorough representation of the types of things that a good recruitment firm must know about their clients, and the reason for conducting the search.

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