Executive Search

Leveraging Modern Technology and Processes for Hiring Executives in the US Market

We know that in order to conduct successful executive searches, executive recruiting firms need to have solid processes in place, supported by strong attention to detail.

One way to ensure recruiting processes are strong and consistent is technology. At DSML, we leverage technology to centralize shared information among our team and our clients’ hiring teams to increase the quality of the information, minimize unnecessary email communication, streamline the process, and ensure that our time with clients calls is used to exchange valuable information—not practicalities.

Over the years, we have used several customer relationship management (CRM) systems, primarily as a database to store candidates’ information. Earlier this year, however, we switched to Clockwork Recruiting, a system that streamlines communication with clients by using an online portal.

CRM systems not only streamline client facing processes and information, it also helps us improve the internal flow of communication as well, consistently sharing activities among the team.

We are constantly looking for ways to increase the quality of our process and with efficiency through emerging tools. We put all of our tools—from video interview platforms to assessments—through rigorous trial. If we don’t get positive feedback from users and see clear benefits, the tool does not get included in our toolkit.

Currently, we are exploring tools that will allow us to engage further with candidates beyond email and phone calls.

But it is important to keep the human touch, especially in our niche. Automation is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it can be a valuable asset to ensure that time with candidates and clients leads to quality conversations.

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