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Executive Search Can Be Quite Similar to the Matchmaking Process

Few things feel as harmonious when two entities come together, with aligned goals, visions, and values. Reading this might conjure the idea of finding one’s life partner. But it can also apply to the candidate-employee relationship. Given that the average person will spend one-third of their life at work, finding the right match is extremely important, for both candidate and company.

At DSML, we focus on recruiting executives for European subsidiaries in the USA and finding the right match for all parties. With over 15 years of experience, co-founder Myriam Le Cannellier has executed hundreds of successful searches for executive and C-level roles. She has come to see herself and her team as matchmakers of sorts … Corporate matchmakers. Here are four key behaviors DSML’s team encourages to enable successful corporate matchmaking.

Stay Honest, With Candidates and Recruiters

It is a true team effort to find the right candidate, engage them, and move them to the end. That means you need a winning team, including partnering with the right executive search firm, specializing in recruiting for European subsidiaries in the US.

Within your partnership, our best advice is to stay honest. Be honest about your expectations, from search timeline completion to candidate attributes and what success in the role you’re looking to fill looks like. Additionally, do not overlook highlighting your company’s culture: this is a more important component than ever before. By pinpointing all of these positive aspects of your company up front, recruiters can then ensure that the role and expectations are communicated clearly to all candidates in the pipeline.

Communicate Often

“[Attracting the right talent] starts with your website but continues with the communication style and frequency with the candidates,” Myriam explains in her LinkedIn article. “It also includes respect for candidate’s time and availability.”

Even if a candidate isn’t the right match for your current search or open roles doesn’t mean you might not cross paths again in the future, or that your future candidates might not overlap with their social circle. Just as one should in the world of dating, avoid ghosting in recruitment at all costs. Be sure to communicate clearly, often, and most importantly, respectfully.

Timing is (Almost) Everything

By timing, we also mean time. Value the time of all participants: candidate, client, and recruiter. This is why DSML’s executive recruiting process incorporates top-of-the-line technologies to allow all parties visibility into a search’s progression.

Taking action promptly throughout the search can make or break a smooth and successful placement. We advise clients to interact with their executive search firms on time, especially early in the search: this will help onboard your recruiters faster, allowing them to hit the ground running in the search for strong candidates. And of course, streamlined, frequent communication will keep momentum. Especially when preparing an offer, waiting a week or two does not work well anymore. Candidates expect speed and efficiency from companies, and the lack thereof will reflect poorly on you as an employer and result in the loss of candidates.

Treat Your Potential Matches Right

Never try to shortchange your candidates. Pay candidates what their skills and experience are worth. Additionally, successful recruiting requires an understanding of how salary expectations vary between the US and Europe. Salaries — as a baseline — are significantly higher in the US. If your company isn’t prepared to offer competitive rates, it might be worth reconsidering expanding into the US. As part of partnering with an executive search firm, you will know what a candidate’s wants are in terms of salary, benefits, and more. Use this information to delight candidates. Employees who are treated well and compensated fairly are more likely to stay loyal to their employers.

If you’re a European company looking to find the perfect match to lead your US subsidiary, contact us today.

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