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How European Companies Can Attract an American Candidate in Executive Search Recruitment

For European companies expanding into the US looking to attract American candidates, hiring presents a particularly unique landscape. At DSML, we specialize in executive recruiting for European companies doing business in the USA. Our experience spans many industries, from IoT & SaaS executive search to medical device manufacturing executive search in Chicago, all in the effort of facilitating the growth and expansion of European companies into the United States. Especially in a candidate-driven market like today’s, European companies need to present roles in a manner that meets the American candidates’ wants and needs.

Differences in Executive Search Recruitment in the USA

Naturally, there are key differences in hiring between the United States and Europe when it comes to executive search recruitment. Overall, the US market is a very fluid one. In the wake of the Great Resignation, American workers have shifted mindsets and look at work environments with a more critical eye. A healthy work-life balance is top of mind for today’s candidates. Unlike in France — where workers are legally entitled to five weeks of paid time off (PTO) —, the US does not have any laws mandating PTO. American employers are not obligated to provide it, which has made it a major component of compensation.

In addition to PTO, flexible work arrangements have become almost a must-have for American candidates, especially as more roles are remote or hybrid. Being able to work around responsibilities and obligations of life outside of work is a significant contributor to the work-life balance American candidates are eager to find.

“This question [of flexible work schedule] is closely linked to the culture of an organization regarding trust,” Myriam Le Cannellier Co-Founder of DSML, also shared with the French American Chamber of Commerce NYC.

These are just some of the key items that must be taken into consideration as part of a comprehensive compensation plan. This also includes 401K, healthcare, sign-on bonuses, and more. Myriam goes into this more deeply in her recent LinkedIn article on “How to attract American candidates to your US subsidiary with the right compensation packages”. Effective executive search recruitment requires a thorough understanding of compensation in the US market.

Communication is Essential

For these European companies looking to expand their US presence, the devil is in the detail when it comes to recruiting for European subsidiaries in the USA. Because your company may not yet have name-brand recognition in the US, you must truly market yourself. As part of this, particularly for your C-suite and executive hires, make sure the role, responsibilities, and any compensation are extremely clear. Clarity is key: communicating your vision to the executive recruiting firm you partner with is a must, not only for a successful relationship with your executive recruiting firm but to find the right candidate in a timely manner. It is also important to remember that a candidate can join a company very quickly in the US; they can leave a company just as quickly. That fluidity in the market is a major difference.

Timeliness Matters

This fluidity also means that not only do your company’s mission and values matter but the speed of your hiring process does too. Candidates have the upper hand at the moment: it’s not infrequent for executive candidates to be entertaining multiple offers at once. Having a streamlined executive search recruitment process is key to getting executive hires locked in. At DSML Executive Search, we prioritize leveraging modern technology and always look to improve our processes, helping our clients fill key roles for their growing companies.

Is Your Website Speaking to the American Audience?

Finally, to attract American talent, it’s paramount to invest in your website and to tailor it to speak to an American audience. We recommend working with a US agency to help establish or update your website, putting a clear vision and mission of your company at the forefront. American candidates want to understand your company, its value proposition, and the big picture with ease. Lack of clarity on your website can lead to losing potential candidates.

“European companies that are trying to attract and retain talent need to use every component available to succeed in securing the candidates they need to grow their business,” Myriam stated in the French American Chamber of Commerce NYC newsletter. It would behoove European companies to partner with an executive search firm in Boston or Chicago that specializes in cross-cultural expansion.

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