Recruiting C-Level Executives for U.S. firms

DSML Executive Search has been in the Executive Search business for 12 + years and has two offices – the main office in Chicago and a satellite office in Boston – and eight employees. The company was originally set up in the niche of Recruiting for European and Canadian companies who have subsidiaries in the United States”. The two founding partners, Myriam Le Cannellier, (who is originally from France), and Doug Seville (from Canada), identified a need in this niche and grew the business from scratch.

However, one might ask, “Does DSML strictly working for foreign firms with a presence in the US?” The answer, of course, is emphatically “NO”.  The team at DSML has worked with many domestic businesses over the years and have provided US Recruitment clients with the same high quality level of service.

DSML Executive Search has completed searches at all levels, from Manager up to the C-Suite, with a strong commitment to finding the “right” candidate for our clients. Many of our searches often include a cultural and/or language aspect to them, which is a level of complexity and difficulty that may not be present for the experience level of a typical Executive Search firm.

Interested in knowing more? It costs you nothing to discuss your needs with us. Please feel free in contacting DSML.

Let DSML Executive Search assist you in growing your business!

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