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Celebrating Success for Clients and Candidates in Executive Search

DSML, an executive search recruitment firm in Boston and Chicago, recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary in recruiting for European subsidiaries in the USA. We are proud to continue finding top candidates for clients in a myriad of fields and industries.

Our hand-picked team has performed hundreds of executive searches over the years, and in light of our recent anniversary celebration, we wanted to share some stories from successful clients from Europe.

5 Successful Case Studies For Executive Search In The US

DSML Executive Search believes every successful search deserves a celebration. As we reflect as a team on our 15-year anniversary, we would like to honor the clients and candidates who allowed us to put our skills to the test.

Here, we’re celebrating five executive searches with successful outcomes for clients and candidates.



The packaging industry requires a great deal of specificity, especially for European subsidiaries expanding to the US. DSML Executive Search fosters a simple and efficient executive search recruitment process that is proactive vs reactive to guide stakeholders and clients to a point of clarity.

The Situation: A French company in the packaging industry had made an acquisition in California. DSML Executive Search was tasked to find a new COO to lead the newly acquired operation and replace the previous owner. This position would report to management in Europe to ensure no points of communication fell through the cracks.

The Process: The client initially wanted to hire a Californian professional with years of experience in the packaging space. With our guidance, however, they quickly realized the cultural gap would be too much, and they turned their attention to hiring a professional with a more European background.

The Result: The client came to favor shared cultural background more than pure industry experience alone. They eventually selected a highly qualified candidate with transferable skills and an understanding of European culture. Today, this candidate remains successful in their role and continues to edify the goals of the packaging company.



The medical devices and life sciences industry requires the utmost care and discretion during recruitment. In a vertical plagued by burnout and stress, companies must select candidates who command excellent soft skills and maintain a growth mindset.

The Situation: A medical device company owned by European Private Equity was interested in procuring a Sales Director. The company cited a need to improve the management of its existing team so they could continue to scale the company over time.

The Process: The client initially emphasized a need for a strong sales profile for its candidates. However, by working with the team at DSML Executive Search, it became apparent the most pressing need was for management, not just sales ability. Issues with morale and retention had affected their sales team in the past, so the organization shifted its attention to candidates with supportive leadership qualities.

The Result: The company finally selected a candidate profile that was strong in management and experienced in sales and marketing. They shifted to relevant instead of exact experience and were open to candidates with backgrounds in different industries. Their final selection has remained successful in their role for over six years and counting.



Shifting trends and fast-paced markets make the consumer goods industry extremely hard to navigate. Hiring skillful executives with years of experience can help organizations make better decisions while expanding to the United States.

The Situation: A houseware company that was moving away from a distributor was preparing to have its own direct subsidiary in the US. They needed to source a qualified candidate to help before, during, and after the transition.

The Process: DSML Executive Search was tasked with finding a professional from the houseware industry. The client made their needs abundantly clear from the beginning, as sourcing a candidate with relevant experience was critical to their decision-making process.

The Result: Our team of professionals selected a candidate who had previously worked for other European companies. They had successfully navigated cultural differences and demonstrated clear competency in their field.

The company selected this candidate to lead its company through the establishment of a US subsidiary. Today, this individual remains a core part of the team and an excellent match for the company’s culture.



Healthcare organizations know the value of an aligned professional while expanding their operations to the US. DSML Executive Search strives to create a synergistic process with clear directives and open lines of communication.

The Situation: The new CEO of a healthcare services company was looking for a CFO with experience in the medical field. They were specifically interested in exposure to similar challenges and a proven track record of transforming the finance function.

The Process: The client was very specific about the type of cultural profile and set of skills required. This enabled the team at DSML Executive Search to take a highly targeted approach to sourcing candidates for their executive search recruitment.

The Result: The candidate recruited was extremely successful in their role with the healthcare services company. The new CEO was pleased by the outcome and felt confident throughout the executive recruitment process.



The capital equipment industry requires a great deal of nuance to source appropriate candidates with suitable experience. DSML Executive Search had the opportunity to work with a client to find a well-suited liaison for their newest entity and original headquarters.

The Situation: A capital equipment manufacturer was looking to recruit a CFO to replace an underperforming incumbent for their subsidiary in the US. The management team in Europe also had additional requirements as far as the objectives for the role.

The Process: Expectations on both sides were aligned, although there were some slight nuances to consider. The client required the utmost confidentiality, as well as a highly-skilled candidate who understood American and European cultural differences.

The Result: DSML Executive Search was able to bridge unique cultural and industrial nuances to find a suitable candidate with experience in the capital equipment space. The chosen individual was able to serve as a liaison between the US and Europe, making them an excellent fit for the client’s executive team. This was a true reflection of how the hiring process impacts culture, profitability, and momentum in executive search recruitment.

Partner With DSML Executive Search To Become The Next Success Story

A successful executive recruitment process may seem like no easy task, but with the right recruitment partners, the odds of success are strongly improved. If you or your company is looking to recruit top talent for your European subsidiary in the United States, DSML Executive Search is uniquely qualified to help you meet and exceed all expectations.

DSML Executive Search specializes in helping European subsidiaries recruit top talent in the United States. Our multicultural company commands decades of experience in a diversity of industries and executive roles. We remain a leader in the niche of recruiting executives for the US subsidiaries of European companies and believe clear communication ensures a higher likelihood of success for both clients and candidates alike.

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