Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Executive Search Firm

We’ve gathered feedback from the past 15 years of business to understand why Canadian and European companies ultimately decided to use a firm like DSML Executive Search. Without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons:

Reason 1

“We don’t have an HR team or in-house recruiter.” This may seem to be the most obvious, however, using an external search firm could be ideal for companies who are in transition with their own HR team or have yet to form one. A “one size fits all” approach does not work in recruitment. By using an executive search firm like ours we can offer both a traditional retained search model or suggest other options to address your specific hiring needs.

Reason 2

“We have an HR team, but they have NEVER conducted an Executive level search.” Maybe you are at a point and need to hire a President for your US subsidiary? Perhaps you are replacing a VP of Sales or a Finance Director. In these cases, job boards simply do not work for C-level talent acquisition. You need a strategic approach to finding candidates. Recruiting senior executives takes a delicate touch, especially when recruiting a passive executive who isn’t even on the job hunt. The process for this type of recruitment is completely different. If your current HR team hasn’t conducted this type of search before, you most definitely should turn to a professional executive recruitment firm. In our case, we have a solid portfolio of c-level candidates and have conducted nationwide searches.

Reason 3

“We need someone who will take the time to partner with us and understand our unique business needs.” A well-done recruitment means investing time to not only understand the business but also to get to know the hiring managers, what the pain-points are of not having a specific role filled in “x” amount of time and the overall strategic direction the company is heading. We truly believe that the reason we have returning clients is because they choose to treat us as their partners. Some contingent recruiters will use an approach where they send out many resumes in a day, in hopes that at least one will ‘work’. We, on the other hand, take the necessary time to evaluate each candidate first and only provide a short-list of the top candidates.

Reason 4

”We have a confidential search and need to replace an executive.” Believe it or not, the majority of our clients request that our firm conducts confidential searches. By doing so, they won’t risk someone within their company (or even a competitor) finding out a key figure is leaving the company. These types of searches can be complex, and the utmost level of confidentiality and professionalism needs to be used.

Reason 5

“We are looking for a quality candidate and we want a guarantee that we are making a good choice with our new hire.” We help remove the anxiety of making the ‘wrong’ hire and we even offer a warranty for some of our agreements. In our firm, we practice a quality vs quantity approach from the beginning of our process. The candidate who brings the most value and will make the greatest impact on your business is what we target.

As you can see, our clients have many good reasons to use an Executive Search firm. If you are ready to take the next step and would like to start a confidential conversation, we would value the time to listen, answer any questions and discuss how we can partner together.

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