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Truly Rigorous Executive Search Recruitment

“We use contingent based recruitment firms for mid-level search assignments and below”, said a European Chief Human Resources Officer overseeing the operations of the companies’ US subsidiary.  “This way we can continue to use our internal recruitment team and only have to pay a fee if someone spectacular is presented”.  “However,” he added, “if the search involves confidentiality, complexity or sensitivity we would always turn to a trusted retained firm”.

There is a belief by many employers that if they assign searches to multiple contingent firms, even for more senior positions, they will multiply the odds of receiving a larger quantity and variety of candidates very quickly.  This is true … if speed is more important than quality then it can be an effective strategy.

However, this overly fast and chaotic process, in general, results in:

  • Applicants who do not match the requirements of the search
  • Candidates who are a poor fit for the culture of the organization
  • Employers are left to suffer with high turnover

In too many cases, using multiple contingent search firms leads to a sloppy, poor outcome that fails to put candidates under the magnifying glass, verify claims, and/or check facts.

Recently, we worked with two different clients in Consumer Goods and in Packaging who hired respectively a Sales Director and a VP Sales utilizing a chaotic contingent recruiting process  and, in both cases, they had to let them go after six months for poor performance and lack of fit.

CEO’s, and other corporate leaders, need to look deeply into their recruitment process.  In many cases, “hiring” is the only process in the entire company that is not performed according to a documented procedure or methodology.

A Truly Proven Process

Firms like DSML Executive Search will provide well-vetted candidates who match the culture and bring the required skills to make a lasting impact.  Our process will reduce the “miss-hires” and reduce inefficiency and costs caused by ineffective recruiting practices. And, contrary to what some might think, a project-minded firm does not equate to higher fees.
DSML advises our European and Canadian clients to:

  1. Obtain a clear understanding of the cost of turnover to their organization
  2. Gain insight into “job benchmarking” (e.g. competencies required,) rather than simply using the standard job description
  3. Create an ideal candidate profile
  4. Adhere to an organized and effective interview system
  5. Establish a specific process to assess candidates and evaluate them against each other
  6. Involve the candidate, (which involves educating the candidate regarding the “current situation”), in establishing goals for the position before they are hired

Hiring is the most important decision a company can make, no matter what industry one is in.  Engaging with an Executive Search firm that has a well-defined process in place, AND, who can assist your organization in addressing the numbered points above, is “truly rigorous recruitment”.

If your company is seeking to recruit for a key position, such as CEO, COO, President, VP or other Senior level role, have a conversation with DSML Executive Search to ensure your search includes a “thorough” process and a “success based” strategy.

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